Nursing Student Loan Debt

You made it into nursing school. Congratulations! Getting into nursing school often seems unnecessarily difficult. When I first thought about going to nursing school, I went to the nursing school

New Chapter

A new chapter of our journey towards FIRE has dawned. I finally found that elusive first job as a NP. Despite difficulty finding nurse practitioner job, we have been smashing our FIRE goals.

FI Update – November 2018

We ended our October FI update with a net worth of $81k. At the end of November, our net worth has increased to just over $90k for an increase of

DIY Investing – Stocks and Bonds

A basic premise of investing is to sell high and buy low. That premise generally goes against our gut urges. Human nature has a strong urge to sell your investments when they are not doing well especially when they don’t do well over a long time. Creating a plan for investing in stocks and bonds helps balance our gut urges.